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Myth Busting - Hypnotherapy with Vicky

How does Hypnotherapy work?

My name is Vicky and I am a hypnotherapist at The Body Clinic Leominster.

One size of therapy and hypnotherapy does not fit all – I act on the principle that your

problems arise for various reasons unique to you. This is why I use a variety of therapies in

order to help you along with emotional support.

The science of hypnotherapy is simple – under hypnosis, your brainwaves go from alert Beta

state to Alpha or Theta brainwaves which are slower, and higher in amplitude. This produces a

good flow of ideas and creative thoughts which occurs without censorship or guilt. It is

typically a very positive mental state.

You may know from experience that driving, walking or running after 10 minutes, your

critical faculty (which provides that negative monologue in your head), is paused allowing

you to have good flow of ideas and creative thoughts.

What happens in a session?

A therapy session will start with a thorough talk through of your symptoms and feelings and

what you would like help with. Hypnotherapy might not be used in the first session until a

therapy plan of how best to help you has been discussed and agreed with you. The benefits of

this therapy is time - time for you to unpack and air things that perhaps had not been

processed or had been "pushed down" whilst life takes over, as it often does! This is your time

for you to start acknowledging and recognising your behaviours, your reactions, your feelings

and emotions. Mapping out a time line of your life is often very healing and starts a positive

chain of events towards the changes you seek. A therapy plan will make sense and be

something you will look forward to. An idea of how many sessions to complete the changes

will be discussed too and agreed with you. There may be "homework" after the first session.

Hypnotherapy is just one tool I use to achieve rapid results and may not be used at every


A typical hypnotherapy session begins with something called an induction procedure to allow

you to change down to Alpha or Theta brainwave. I will speak slowly and softly and make

suggestions that help you to focus your attention and relax. Some people find it hard to

visualise or imagine things, so I can make changes to this process for them. I will begin to

make suggestions that are for your benefit in line with what we have discussed and you have

outlined as your desired changes. Your brain will only take on suggestions that are for your

benefit. I cannot tell you to do something that is against your moral code. When you are in a

hypnosis your mind is open and receptive to new ideas, thoughts and resolutions and able to

problem solve with my guidance and your critical brain is otherwise occupied. You will be

able to talk and respond to me in hypnosis and I will be your guide. I will ask you questions in

hypnosis regularly. You will not lose control or cluck like a chicken! You will be able to

respond to anything externally that requires your immediate attention.

My expectation from you is that you are open, honest, fully desire the outcome and don't

knowingly have a greater reason to keep the issue than to let go of it. Your willing

involvement and desire for the outcome is key to the removal of the problem.

Will I lose control?

Stage hypnotists have built up a myth about mind control.

The opposite is actually true: you need to be in control in order to let go. You can choose to

accept the suggestions, but you can also choose not to. Should you feel uncomfortable with

the process, you can stop it at any time. You cannot be made to do anything that is against

your own personal code of ethics.

Will I say things I will regret?

You won’t be giving away any secrets. You are in control of what you say at all times. And

you won’t be doing anything you don’t remember. Hypnosis is a special state so remembering

the things that were talked about in trance is sometimes difficult once you are outside it. Like

forgetting what you were day dreaming about. However, if you think it might be an issue for

you then ask for special suggestions to be given to remember everything that went on in the


Will I fall asleep?

Hypnosis is not sleep. Natural sleep is measurably different from hypnotic trance. However,

trance usually involves deep relaxation, so people don’t move much. I will be interacting

with you and you with me.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?

Everyone can be hypnotised. Its a change in brainwave that we naturally drift in and out of

regularly all day. Modern induction methods are fast and reliable – no swinging watches, no

staring eyes, just my gentle voice guiding you into a natural lower brainwave state.

What if I don’t do it right?

I will be monitoring you all time and constantly changing the words to fit your particular

needs. All you have to do is to enjoy the experience of relaxation. You will find your mind

drifting away as if in a dream. Nothing else is required from you. You don’t have to think, you

don’t have to do anything except enjoy it.

And so with a clear plan of what you want to change, a limiting beliefs are left behind, the

past can be reconciled, limiting beliefs let go of rapid results for the positive changes you seek

can occur.

Get in touch for a non-obligation chat

whatsapp/phone: 077901 62067

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